High Quality Content shot all around the world.
Concept to Release – All in-house.


We believe in Productions Artists instead of camera operators and editors. The operator/s that shot the video on set will always be involved in the post production process. Producing videos in such a way allows our team to produce highly authentic videos in a short amount of time.


A solid concept defining the outcome of the final video. Do you need an extra square version for Facebook or an upright 60 second one for Instagram? No big deal!


Lighting, Sound, Sharpness, Vibes and Bokeh! Our experienced team is taking care of the whole production process on set.


We edit and color-grade the video, send you previews along the way and prepare it for your networks.


We are monitoring and analyzing the performance of the video and can support you with advertising the video via Facebook (PPC Ads), YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.


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WORK - Michi Leber Media House